Career guidance and job placements to unemployed rural and marginalized youth in Andhra Pradesh

Who are the Beneficiaries :

Rural and unemployed youth above 15 years from marginalized communities in Andhra Pradesh.

Brief description of the project:

The primary purpose of guidance is to assist individuals in their exploration of these complex issues, to make greater sense of their current situation and to build confidence in their ability to complete the review process and move toward from the point at which they seek help.

  • 1To guide students in choosing their career according to their interest, aptitude and attitude
  • 2To inform and guide the students about the various types of studies available at different levels which would qualify them for jobs
  • 3To provide information on various academic institutions and study centers which can offering formal, non-formal education
  • 4To organize short term career guidance courses for students
  • 5To offer referral job placements
  • 6To organize a group employment scheme to poor rural youth
  • 7To motivate and guide youngsters to take up self-employment schemes in their own areas
  • 8To educate the students on resource and support system available from the government and other private aids

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